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Sigulda is situated on a picturesque stretch of the ancient Gauja river valley. Because of the reddish Devonian sandstone, which forms steep rocks and caves on both banks of the river, Sigulda has been called "the Switzerland of Vidzeme”. This is the only place in Latvia where at the beginning of 13 th century three medieval castles were built 1.5 km apart from each other. Nowadays you can see romantic ruins of Sigulda old castle and one reconstructed Medieval castle of Turaida, a cave and many old churches. Also you will visit Bobsleigh road.

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Sigulda sightseeing

Sigulda is a small but very beautiful and popular town located in the central part of Latvia. It lies on the banks of the Gauja river, not far from the renowned Gauja National Park. These places are often referred to as "Latvian Switzerland".

The founding date of Sigulda in Latvia is 1207, when the order of the brothers of the castle of Zegevold was founded here. For many years around the city had several castles and fortresses, popular among tourists. Since the 19 century Sigulda and surrounding area began to develop as a tourist and resort area.

Today the town's population is about 10 thousand inhabitants.

Sigulda has entered the list of the most popular sights of Latvia and it is annually visited by thousands of tourists among the brightest attractions marked on the tourist map of Sigulda, Turaida Castle, called is built in the 13rd century and now restoration after a devastating fire, the open-air sculpture park, located next to the Castle, the largest in Latvia Gūtmaņa cave, from which derives the source of healing water spring, the grave of Rose of Turaidacovered with legends, and romantic stories of ... These monuments are combined in complex Turaida Museum reserve.

Sigulda is very beautiful in winter as the city became the center of skiing and winter recreation: here is the country's only bobsleigh track, as well as many high-quality slopes, well organized infrastructure. In summer the town of Sigulda and its surroundings attract many amateurs of extreme rest: Here you can jump from bungee straight into the abyss, a ride in a hot air balloon, climb a steep cliff, and visit the amusement park "Mezakakis" ("Wildcat"), where you can test your skill, overcoming the obstacles on the ropes and cable cars.

You can spend time and more relaxed: go on a bike ride, go trout fishing or take a boat trip is a popular and unique. in Latvia the cableway connecting Sigulda hills and Krimulda and passing over the Valley of the Gauja river.

The same hotel in the ski resort of Sigulda numerous hotels of various levels, cafes, restaurants and taverns, which offer dishes of national and European cuisine.

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